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The Works of Eileen Pakenham
Mandolin Composer
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Available for the first time, downloadable recordings of Eileen Pakenham (piano) and Irene Bone (mandolin) playing the Compositions of Eileen Pakenham

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1. Sonetina

2. Lullaby

3. Pas de Deux

4. Swinging

5. Birds over Grey Water

6. Scherzo

7. Mr Honey walks down the street

8. Spring Morning

9. Janine

10. Paddle me away-O

11. Polka

12. Rain over Loch Lomond

13. The Royal Mile

14. The Paper Boat

15. Merry-go-round

16. Serenade

17. Romanza di Marionette

18. Gossips

19. Lark's song

These mp3 recordings are taken from a private cassette Eileen made and gave to friends. Ken Tanioka of the Japan Mandolin Union was a lucky recipient of a cassette and transferred the music to a CD so that it could be shared with BMG Federation members as would have been Eileen’s wish as she was always very keen for her compositions to be heard and played by as many groups and individuals as possible. The private nature of the recording should be respected and should therefore not be used for marketing purposes.

Frances Taylor identified Eileen's mandolin as being made by Umberto Ceccherini, roughly 1880-1915, in Naples. The 'ce' of Ceccherini is pronounced like 'ch' in English and the 'ch' in Italian is pronounced like 'k' in English. They are very admired but rarely found in good condition for playing on nowadays so probably an excellent find..


         Eileen Pakenham

   (1914 – 2009) Composer
Eileen Pakenham was born into a family of enthusiastic amateur musicians. She became a competent pianist and later trained as a teacher, specialising in art and music. During the late 1960s, 1970s and 1980s she composed 21 pieces for mandolin and piano, 13 for orchestra, and various pieces for fretted ensemble and solo mandolin.
It all started when Eileen bought a mandolin from the Luton Music Shop run by Philip Bone, director of the Luton Mandolin Orchestra, and became friends with his daughter Irene who was a keen mandolinist and encouraged Eileen to teach others. This led to her development as a composer as she realised how limited mandolin repertoire was. She joined the London Mandolin Ensemble and then composed her major works.
Eileen’s works extend from the simple to the technically demanding and she was approached for compositions by amateurs and professionals around the world. Her music is still played and respected. br>